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Karma 1.2

Chapter 1
1.2 Be Careful What You Wish For: Spiteful Scheme

Nicole was furious as she stormed through the parking lot to her car with Carmen at her heels. “Where are you going?” Carmen asked.

“I don’t know.” Nicole replied as she began to calm down. “Do you want to come to my house I got a gallon of chocolate ice cream and some romantic comedies.” Nicole said with a smile.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Carmen replied.

“We can take my car.” Nicole said.

“Great because I don’t have one, my mom was going to pick up me from practice.” Carmen said. “Just wait until I tell her I quit the squad and she doesn’t have to pick me up.” Carmen said nervously. “I’ll just text her.” She said as she got in Nicole’s car.

“Is she going to be mad that you quit the squad?” Nicole asked.

“No not really she only wanted me to join the cheerleading squad to keep me out of trouble.” Carmen said. “That’s why I don’t have a car that was punishment too.” Carmen went on.

“What did you do?” Nicole asked as she started the car.

“Lets see first I caught smoking weed on campus, then I skipped school altogether to hangout with my loser boyfriend.” Carmen replied. “My mother’s words not mine.” Carmen laughed.

“So who’s the loser you’re dating, do I know him?” Nicole asked as she pulled out of the school parking lot.

“Cameron Majors.” Carmen said.

“Carmen and Cameron.” Nicole laughed.

“I know right? Match made in heaven.” Carmen joked.

“Wait isn’t that the kid who got arrested a couple of years ago for selling drugs at school?” Nicole asked shocked.

“Yeah he got a year in juvenile detention for it but he’s changed now.” Carmen said. “My mom is still holding his past against him.” Carmen added.

“Well who got you the weed?” Nicole asked. “Well… he did but-“ Carmen started.

“But, your mom’s right.” Nicole cut her off and rolled her eyes.

“Hey everyone can’t get Brandon Sellers, you should know first hand!” Carmen exclaimed. “At least I have my own boyfriend instead of drooling over someone else’s.” Carmen added.

“I’m going to let that one slide.” Nicole said calmly. “But you better watch yourself.” Nicole added as she pulled into her driveway.

“Sorry I get a little amped when it comes to him.” Carmen said with her head down.

“It’s cool, come on we got a lot to talk about.” Nicole said as she got out of the car.

“We do?” Carmen asked confused as she followed Nicole to her front door.

“Yeah, we have come up with a way to get Arianna back.” Nicole stated as she opened the front door.

“You were serious about that?” Carmen asked.

“Of course, that bitch humiliated us in front of everyone.” Nicole said.

“I’m not even mad about that anymore.” Carmen said as she followed Nicole to her kitchen.

“So you think Arianna’s deserves to be captain and date the hottest guy at our school?” Nicole asked annoyed.

“Well, no but I don’t want to get in trouble I’m already in enough trouble as it is.” Carmen said.

“We won’t get into trouble I promise.” Nicole said.

“Well do you have a plan?” Carmen asked hesitantly.

“We’re going to break Arianna and Brandon up.” Nicole said.

“How?” Carmen asked.

“There’s a house party tonight to celebrate homecoming, everyone will be there including Brandon.” Nicole said. “All we have to do is get him drunk then get him alone and steal his cellphone.” Nicole went on.

“Then what?” Carmen asked confused.

“Then we send some incriminating messages and pictures to one of our phones and then leak them on social media.” Nicole said.

“Ooh that’s a good plan.” Carmen said.

“I know right?” Nicole giggled.

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I Know Your Type 3.3

Chapter 3
3.3 Ninety-Nine Problems: Anticipated Results

Will watched in frustration as Dawn hugged Dylan. Will could swear he saw Dawn faintly smile when she heard the news. I must be mistaken, he thought as he continued to go over evidence.

“Dylan, what happened?” Dawn asked.

“She got in a car accident after she left here.” Dylan said.

“Come on, let’s go talk in my office.” Dawn said as she led Dylan into her office. Dylan sat down on the couch in Dawn’s office as she shut and locked the door. “Why are you here right now?” Dawn asked. “You should be at home resting.” Dawn said.

“I couldn’t go home I needed to see you.” Dylan replied.

“Dylan you don’t have to explain anything to me if you want to get back together with Meredith it’s cool, I don’t care.” Dawn said. “You both just suffered a very traumatic loss its understandable that you want to comfort each other.” She added.

“That’s not why I’m here.” Dylan said.

“Oh okay did you just need someone to talk to?” Dawn asked confused. “Because I don’t think I’m the right person to pour you heart out to.” She said.

“Dawn! Can you just be quiet for seconds and let me speak!” Dylan yelled.

“Fine! What do you want from me?” Dawn exclaimed as she sat down next to him. “I’m not your psychiatrist or your own personal sex toy for you to use whenever you are lonely.” Dawn said frustrated. “I’m sorry you lost your child but I’m done being used by you.” Dawn said calmly as she stood up and walked across the room.

“I don’t want you to comfort me!” Dylan screamed. “I want you to forgive me!” he yelled as he stood up. “Please Dawn.” He begged as he walked over to her. “With everything that as happened I have realized that I don’t want to go another day without you in my life.” Dylan said. “I just lost a child, I can’t loose you to.” He pleaded.

“You lost me along time ago and from the way Meredith bombarded my office earlier you didn’t even want that child.” Dawn said.

Dylan put his head down and turned away in shame. “You’re right I didn’t want that child until I lost it then it was too late.” Dylan said. “I have made that same mistake too many times in my life, Dawn.” Dylan said as he turned to face her. “There is no getting back the child I lost but I pray that there is still time for us.” He added as he grabbed Dawn by the hand. Dylan looked Dawn in the eyes and she began to melt. Dawn let out a sigh and began to shake her head. Tears started to run down Dawn’s face. “Tell me what to do?” Dylan begged as he got down on his knees.

Dawn wiped the tears from her face with her free hand. “I forgive you.” She whispered.

“Does that mean we can start over?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah.” Dawn replied.

Dylan kissed Dawn’s hand then stood up and hugged her. “I promise you won’t regret this.” Dylan said.

“I better not.” Dawn said. “Now excuse me I have to go call off a date with this really hot medical examiner.” Dawn said.

“Okay, I think I’m going to go back to my hotel and get some rest.” Dylan told her. “I’ll call you later.” He added as he left.

“Okay bye.” Dawn said as she followed Dylan out of her office.

When they came out of her office Will and Armando where standing in the lab pretending not to notice them. Dawn waited for Dylan to leave the building then she went over to Armando with a sad look in her eyes.

“The date’s cancelled?” Armando asked.

“Yeah.” Dawn replied.

“Its cool, you don’t have to explain.” Armando said as he walk away disappointed.

Dawn watched Armando walk away then she turned around to see Will giving her a confused look. “What?” Dawn asked.

“Nothing, I’m just surprised you took him back.” Will said.

“Why?” Dawn asked with an attitude.

“Well earlier you seemed like you really hate his guts.” Will stated.

“He just lost a child.” Dawn said.

“Yeah and you don’t seem too broken up about that, its like you couldn’t wait.” Will said as he left the lab.

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I Know Your Type (Book Trailer)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Bottom 1.2

Chapter 1
1.2 Female Rapper: Dream Deferred

Tony began to play the song back for Alexandria to hear. As the music blasted through the speakers everyone began to bob their heads.

“Man that shit go hard.” Tony’s friend Cali said. “I didn’t know your girl could rap.” He added.

Tony didn’t say a word he just started rolling another blunt. “Are you going to do a verse on it?” Alexandria asked Tony excited.

“Nah I don’t like it, I’m about to make another beat.” Tony replied as he stopped the music.

“Oh okay.” Alexandria said disappointed.

Sadly Alexandria went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. As she popped the can open she heard everyone start to leave. Alexandria was secretly happy everyone had left because she wanted to finish her song. She quietly stood in the kitchen until she heard the last person leave.

“Everybody left?” she asked as she walked out of the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Tony said as he lit his blunt.

“Do you feel like helping me finish my song?” Alexandria asked.

“No I’m tired maybe another day.” He answered.

“You always say that.” Alexandria pouted. “You have time you record all your friends but every time I ask you are too tired.” She argued.

“Look I don’t feel like arguing, I just want to smoke this blunt and relax.” He said. “You should be watching me when I do this stuff so you can do it for yourself.” Tony said.

“Do I say that that when you need help?” Alexandria asked. “No I didn’t I helped you shoot all your videos and made your website.” She said.

“I don’t need you!” Tony yelled. “I could get anyone to do what you do.” He said.

“Not for free! Do you know how much someone would charge you for all the shit I do?” Alexandria yelled.

“And I appreciate that I tell you thank you all the time, don’t i?” Tony said as he pulled Alexandria over onto his lap.

“I thought you didn’t need me?” She asked calmly as she sat in his lap.

“I don’t need you but I want you.” He said as he kissed her neck. “You help me out a lot and I promise I’ll help you with your song just not tonight.” He added. “Okay?” he asked.

“Okay.” Alexandria replied. Tony hit the blunt then passed it to Alexandria. Alexandria sighed and hit the blunt then passed it back. “I’m about to take a shower.” She said as she stood up.

“You hungry?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, do you want to go get something to eat?” Alexandria asked.

“Yeah.” Tony replied.

“Okay just let me take a shower first.” Alexandria said.

“What do you want I’ll just go get it?” Tony said.

“I’ll just be a minute in the shower.” Alexandria argued.

“I’m starving and I don’t feel like waiting.” Tony said.

“Okay just get me a plain burger with nothing but bacon with a fry and a strawberry milkshake.” She answered.

“You got some money?” he asked.

“Don’t you have money?” Alexandria asked annoyed.

“I had to re-up today.” He said.

“Look in my purse.” Alexandria said as she rolled her eyes.

Alexandria was growing tired of Tony. All he did was spend her money and tell her what to do. He wouldn’t even help her with her music. She had spent so much time helping him out that she hadn’t done anything for herself. As she stepped into the shower and the warm water ran over her body she had an epiphany. If Tony wasn’t going to help her she was going to have to help herself.

Tony was right instead of waiting on him she should learn how to work the recording equipment herself. It was obvious that only person Tony was interested in helping was himself, so if Alexandria wanted to make it she was going to have to follow suit.

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